Certified Training

The Ditch Witch organization is dedicated to training technicians on how to properly and safely operate this equipment. 

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Ditch Witch Safe

Ditch Witch has all of the safety guidelines and resources you need to manage a safe and effective jobsite.

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811 - Before You Dig

Whenever you're about to start a digging project, make sure you call 811 first! They'll notify the appropriate utility companies so you can dig safely.

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Regional Dealer Training

Directional Drills Training

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Trencher Training

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We Build Crews

Ditch Witch equipment is only part of the equation. In order to run an efficient jobsite, you also need a capable crew with the tools to succeed. Ditch Witch West can help train and certify your workers on how to best operate the Ditch Witch equipment in your fleet. With formal trainings, safety resources, and a support team to help you along the way, Ditch Witch is determined to set you up for success. With a well-trained crew, your jobsite will be more efficient, productive, and safer. Contact your local Ditch Witch West dealer to learn more.

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