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  • Added Versatility
    Added Versatility

    The HX50 is designed for a wide range of applications, including potholing, storm-drain cleanout, HDD site cleanup, water-leak repair, valve-box and utility-vault cleanout, commercial and residential debris cleanup, and landscaping and posthole digging.

    The HX50 is equipped with an 800-gal (3028-L) debris tank to meet the requirements of any size soft excavation or cleanup job.

    • 800-gallon configurations include:

      • A standard configuration equipped with a 200-gal freshwater tank and 20K GVWR trailer.

      • A heavy configuration equipped with a 400-gal freshwater tank and a 24K GVWR trailer.

    All trailer configurations are NATM compliant and are offered with an optional toolbox for extra storage.

    An optional jib boom is available on all HX50 configurations and has exclusive dual articulation, providing the widest range of motion in the industry, as well as a hose restraint, which helps control the unit’s hose while working.

    A power boom, available on the 24K GVWR trailer package, features an advanced design that reduces manual labor for the operator. The boom is hydraulically powered with a 330-degree rotation and includes a self-locking gear, acting as a boom brake, to restrain motion of the boom and maintain its desired position.

    The machine can easily be configured to accommodate operator controls on either the left or the right side to meet each contactor’s individual needs.

  • Dimensions (800 Gal Spoils / 400 Gal Water)

    Dimensions (800 Gal Spoils / 400 Gal Water)


    269.4 in
    6.84 m

    96 in
    2.44 m

    88.7 in
    2.25 m

    Weight, empty
    10,428 lb
    4730 kg

    Trailer GVWR
    24,000 lb
    10886 kg

  • Hydraulic System

    Hydraulic System


    Gear pump

    Flow Rate
    5.5 gpm
    21 L/min

    Reservoir size
    10 gal
    37.9 L

    2,500 psi
    172 bar

  • Low-Profile, Customer-Driven Design
    Low-Profile, Customer-Driven Design

    Featuring a low-profile design, the machine’s full unit height is reduced. This eases maneuverability and allows the unit to fit in height-restrictive areas, without compromising ground clearance so operators can more easily avoid ground-level obstacles.

    An exclusive, lockable hose-storage design allows operators to store the hose flat and straight inside the unit frame – a direct customer-driven enhancement. The vac door also features lockable, convenient storage for unit tools, including the vac tube and digging lance.

    Patent-pending, advanced door linkage automates lockout when fully opened, without requiring any additional effort from the operator.

    The HX50 now has hydraulic controls located at the rear of the unit, leaving less opportunity for damage to the unit by enhancing operator visibility.

    An optional dual work light features two LED floodlights in the back of the vac unit for use in dark or night conditions.

  • Water System

    Water System


    Water tank capacity
    200/400 gal
    757/1514 L

    Water pump flow
    5.3 gpm
    20.1 L/min

    Water pump pressure, max
    3000 psig
    207 bar

    Clutch type
    Electric pump clutch w/ auto declutch feature

    Anti-freeze system
    50/50 water/antifreeze mix

    Hose reel length
    50 ft

  • Dimensions (800 Gal Spoils / 200 Gal Water)

    Dimensions (800 Gal Spoils / 200 Gal Water)


    269.4 in
    6.84 m

    96 in
    2.44 m

    88.2 in
    2.24 m

    Weight, empty
    9,600 lb
    4354 kg

    Trailer GVWR
    20,000 lb
    9072 kg

  • Noise Level

    Noise Level

    Sound power
    112 dBA

    Sound pressure
    90 dBA

  • Battery


    SAE reserve capacity rating
    195 min

    SAE cold crank rating @ 0°F (-18°C)
    950 amps

    Electrical system

  • Vacuum System

    Vacuum System


    Air flow
    1005 cfm
    28.5 m³/min

    Vacuum, Max
    16 in Hg
    406 mm Hg

    Vacuum tank capacity
    800 gal
    3028 L

    Tank outlet valve size
    6 in
    152 mm

    Filter type
    Washable polyester

    Filter area
    73 ft²

    Suction hose
    102 mm

  • Simplified Maintenance
    Simplified Maintenance

    The HX models feature improved serviceability as all maintenance points are more accessible with a liftoff power pack door design, improving access to all service points.

    Standard on the HX50 is a cyclonic filtration system that minimizes filter cleaning frequency, provides superior filtration and increases productivity.

    An optional spare tire with a carrier allows easy access to a spare when needed, reducing downtime.

  • Unbeatable Power, Enhanced Productivity
    Unbeatable Power, Enhanced Productivity

    The HX50 is powered by a 49-hp (36.5-kW) Kubota diesel engine to support all machine functions from potholing to cleanup of a variety of soils, HDD fluids and jobsite debris.

    The HX50 provides 20 percent more fuel capacity than its predecessor for improved productivity and fewer refueling stops during the workday.

    New with the HX vacuum excavation line, a patent-pending make/break seal design optimizes air flow for increased efficiency, and simplified plumbing.

    An auto-clutching feature disengages the water pump when water is not in use, allowing full system power to the blower for improved productivity.

    A now standard reverse-flow feature allows quick and easy spoil offloads for improved productivity.

    A standard, cyclonic three-stage filtration system cleans the air before it reaches critical components. It is comprised of the debris tank, cyclonic filter, and 0.5-micron washable vacuum filter - offering the industry’s best filtration for maximum protection of key components.

    Featuring outstanding suction, the HX50 is equipped with an efficient 1,005-cfm (28.5-m3/min) blower.

  • Power



    Kubota® D1803-CR-TE4B


    Cooling medium


    Number of cylinders

    Manufacturer's gross power rating
    49.6 hp
    37 kW

    Emissions compliance
    EPA Tier 4

    Rated speed
    2700 rpm

    Fuel tank capacity
    30 gal
    113.6 L