Subsite Electronics ProTRAK Transporter
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  • Key Features

    The crawlers have three forward speeds, one reverse, a stop function and a freewheel mode for easy retrieval with travel speeds up to 55’ per minute at full power. Specially designed, contoured pads, attached with dual stainless steel rivets on stainless steel chain, provide a large contact surface for maximum traction.

    These crawlers are adaptable to all Subsite mainline systems. Shown here with the TrakSTAR Camera.

    • Fits in re-lined 6” pipes or larger
    • High efficiency planetary gear train
    • Precision rare earth servo motor
    • Power to easily pull 2,500’ of single conductor cable
    • Ultra heavy duty treads use #40 chain for durability & strength and still fits in 6” pipeline
    • Internal clutch release system for high speed retrieval