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  • Key Features of Subsite HDD Beacons

    1. A Subsite exclusive: Electronic module is replaceable at your Ditch Witch® dealer, so your beacon is jobsite-ready for about half the cost of a new beacon.
    2. Field-configurable power levels help extend battery life.
    3. Automatic tuning circuitry delivers consistent operation in a variety of downhole tools.
    4. Redundant/boosted power supply circuitry eliminates “on-off-on” operation in HDD beacons.
    5. New BlueTooth® module increases connectivity for more reliable communication.
    6. Higher-grade components increase maximum operational temperature from 176°F to 221°F.
    7. Low frequency capability (1.5 kHz) enables you to work around materials like metal rebar.
    8. Stiffer battery springs, constructed with customized material, increase contact area and improve connectivity during harsh vibrations.
    9. A reduced number of battery connections—down to a single electronic module—increases the reliability of beacon “on time.”