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    Superior Support

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  • General

    Powerful thrust and pullback capability in a compact package.

    P80 produces 80,000 lb (36,800 kg) thrust/pullback at 2500 psi (172 bar).

    Rotating rod thrust/pullback cylinder and slant-nose boring head provides accurate directional control.

    Power source is positioned away from launch pit, separating operator from noise and exhaust.

  • General

    P80 can bore with directional control to 500 feet (152 m) or more.

    Three setup options: T-Bar for narrow trenches; backbrace for long-range boring in narrow pits; and trench box for maximum anchoring and shoring protection.

    Boring head can be tracked and guided using Ditch Witch electronic beacon and receiver systems.

    Variety of boring heads available, depending on soil conditions.

  • Dimensions


    Trench box

    108 in
    2750 mm

    36 in
    920 mm

    48 in
    1220 mm

    Height from base to centerline of bore
    8.4 in
    213 mm

    930 lb
    420 kg

    Operating weight w/P80 installed
    1,240 lb
    560 kg

    Operating weight w/P80 installed
    2,700 lb
    1225 kg

    Back brace

    Length, min to max
    72-100 in
    1800-2500 mm

    17 in
    430 mm

    18 in
    450 mm

    Height from base to centerline of bore
    7.6 in
    190 mm

    Level adjustment height
    6 in
    150 mm

    Weight, back brace
    440 lb
    200 kg

    Operating weight w/basic unit
    704 lb
    320 kg


    Cylinder diameter
    8 in
    200 mm

    T-Bar width
    5.8 in
    145 mm

    T-Bar height
    12 in
    300 mm

    Base to cylinder centerline
    7.2 in
    300 mm

    Height, w/out handle
    16 in
    400 mm

    Length, T-bar installed with cylinder retracted
    42 in
    1050 mm

    Width, T-Bar
    72 in
    1800 mm

    Push rod diameter
    1.75 in
    44 mm

    Weight, basic unit
    253 lb
    115 kg

    Weight, T-bar
    204 lb
    93 kg

    Operating weight
    462 lb
    210 kg


    Stroke, each cycle
    9 in
    229 mm

    Bore diameter, max
    13 in
    325 mm

    Weight, basic unit
    253 lb
    115 kg

    Weight, T-bar
    204 lb
    93 kg

    Hydraulic flow, min to max
    5-20 gpm
    20-75 l/min

    Hydraulic pressure, max
    2500 psi
    1723.8 bar

    Cylinder force @ 2,500 psi
    81,360 lb
    362025 N

    Specifications are called out according to SAE recommended practices. Specifications are general and subject to change without notice. If exact measurements are required, equipment should be weighed and measured. Due to selected options, delivered equipment may not necessarily match that shown.

  • General

    Optional trench box serves as a boring/shoring platform; push rods store on side of box, and the open-bottom design allows box to be lifted up and around completed installation.

    Optional electrical strike system alerts operator if a live electrical cable is struck.