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  • Signature Serviceability

    Serviceability is a key design feature in all HammerHead pneumatic hammers and the R200 is no exception. Patented spanner wrench holes in the front and rear of the hammer reduce the number of breakout tongs required when performing maintenance or changing out rock bits.

  • Roughneck Tough

    The HammerHead® R200 rock hammer is the newest member of the Roughneck line up, recognized as some of the most trusted and productive pneumatic rock hammers available for HDD applications. Roughneck hammers are capable of drilling at rates of up to 150-feet per hour and they all feature side-load highflow housing, the patented pull back kit system and a lightweight control station.

  • Get Up and Running

    The HammerHead R200 rock hammer is offered as a complete system to get you up and running. The system includes a R200 Roughneck rock hammer, offset and angled-offset bits, patented pullback kit, control station/oiler with tethered electronic remote control, hydraulic breakout tooling, 2.5-inch universal high-flow housing, and a conversion kit specific to your drill.

  • Manage Power on the Fly

    A key feature of the R200 rock hammer is the electronically controlled air flow. With the touch of a button, the operator can adjust the air flow from open to closed and anywhere in between which allows them to manage the power of the rock hammer on the fly which is critical in situations where soil conditions change abruptly. The ability to reduce or increase power quickly prevents costly interruptions to the bore.