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  • Application Range

    RS BlueLine can be installed in any host pipe material. It seals leaking joints and hole corrosion, and it prevents further corrosion and encrustation. It is typically installed in lengths ranging from 300-500 feet, and it easily navigates bends up to 45° and joint deflections up to 10%.

  • Installation

    The host pipe is cleaned to remove loose obstacles and provide a sufficient internal pipe surface to allow for optimum hydraulic performance of the lined pipe. Water jetting and mechanical cleaning devices are used for cleaning depending on the host pipe condition. Curing is performed using either controlled steam, normally after installation with pressure drum; or, hot water, normally after installation with hydrostatic water column.

  • Connections

    Connections and joining techniques can be modified to suit the water systems maintenance requirements with industry standard fittings. Service connections are made via open-cut excavation or robotic means.

  • Features

    RS BlueLine fits tightly to its host pipe and, once cured, provides a full structural Class IV renewal meeting NSF/ANSI 61 Standards. Because it is a structural repair, it can survive a sudden failure of the host pipe and can even serve as a replacement of the hose pipe.