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  • Epoxy Resin System

    HammerHead® epoxy is a single resin system with multiple choices of 4:1 (by volume) curing agent hardeners. HammerHead Epoxy resin is tinted transparent blue, and the hardeners are transparent yellow. When the resins are properly mixed, a uniform aqua green color is achieved.

  • Extended Resin

    The extended blend is formulated for longer working times useful in long runs, larger diameter pipe or higher temperature working conditions. Working time is extended to three hours (@77° F) while still keeping a fast set time range of one to four hours with hot water or steam cure. (100:30 resin to hardener).

  • Ambient Epoxy System

    Our ambient resin system is specially designed for ambient curing, even at temperatures as low as 35º F. It has a consistent working time of 25–30 minutes (@77° F) with a set time of only 1.5–2 hours. (2:1 resin to hardener by volume).

  • Standard Hardener

    With a working time of 30–35 minutes (@77° F), our standard hardener provides a good balance between working time and set time (1–3 hours with heat curing). (4:1 resin to hardener by volume).

  • Winter Hardener

    This blend provides 12–15 minute working time, useful for winter and short run applications requiring a fast return to service. (4:1 resin to hardener by volume).

  • Summer Hardener

    A longer working time (50–60 minutes at (@77° F) is useful when used in hot weather or for long or large diameter pipe runs. Also provides a higher temperature resistance which allows it to be used for projects in high temperature applications (up to 240°F). Set time of 1.5–3 hours with heat curing (4:1 resin to hardener by volume).