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  • Power Train
    Power Train U.S. Metric Ground drive Hydraulic, Infinite variable from zero to maximum, speed and direction control Digging chain drive Hydraulic direct drive, one speed forward and reverse Pump drive Direct drive from engine   Track width 8 in 200 mm Trencher drive   Hydraulic Direct drive   Digging chain 33K / 35K Ground pressure 4.5 psi
  • Fluid Capacities
    Fluid Capacities U.S. Metric Fuel tank 6.2 gal 23.5 L Engine oil 1.8 qt 1.7 L Hydraulic system 11 gal 42 L
  • Options

    The RotoWitch® boring attachment results in fewer disturbances, less labor, and less restoration than tearing up driveways and sidewalks to complete an installation.

    Our easy-to-operate backfill blade is much faster and less expensive than shovels, increasing productivity and rental revenue.

    Ditch Witch also offers the S3C Trailer, a single-axle design with a new rail system for easy loading and unloading of equipment of up to 3,500 lb (1,588 kg). 

  • Superior Support
    Superior Support

    Ditch Witch equipment is backed by 170 dealer locations worldwide, each with genuine Ditch Witch parts in stock plus factory-trained service and expert advice to help deliver a superior return on investment for your rental equipment.

  • Power
    Power U.S. Metric Engine Honda® GX690 Fuel Gasoline Cooling medium Air Number of cylinders 2 Manufacturer’s net horsepower rating* 22 hp 16.5 kW Rated speed 3,600 rpm Fuel consumption @ rated power 1.77 gph 6.7 LPH
  • CX Track Design
    CX Track Design

    Exclusive, patented CX Track design puts more track on the ground for better traction while increasing stability for better production.

    The shorter left track on the CX Track design allows for a more compact piece of equipment than competitive designs, offering more maneuverability in tighter spaces.

  • Trench size, max
    Trench size, max U.S. Metric Depth 36 in 914 mm Width 6 in 152 mm
  • Reliability

    New, robust, straightforward pivot design is maintenance-free and increases unit uptime.

    Greaseless sealed bearing design with construction-grade seals help increase machine longevity.

    No daily grease points—a Ditch Witch exclusive—means less hassle and prep to keep your trenchers rental-ready.

    Standard outboard bearing support stabilizes the headshaft and auger, for reliable productivity trench after trench.

    Simple, open design allows for quick, easy service access.

  • Hydraulic System @ 3,600 RPM
    Hydraulic System @ 3,600 RPM U.S. Metric Digging drive pump capacity 10 gpm 37.85 l/min Filtration 10 micron absolute
  • Operation
    Operation U.S. Metric Transit forward 176 fpm 53.6 m/min Transit reverse 136 fpm 41.5 m/min Digging chain speed @ 3,600 rpm   33/35K 309 fpm 94.2 m/min Spoil handling   Auger type Single, open end   Auger diameter 17 in 432 mm   Trench cleaner type Mechanical   Trench cleaner size 4-6 in 102-152 mm Operating weight (up to) 1,915 lb 869 kg
  • Power

    A reliable 24-hp (17.9-kW) Honda® engine keeps the C24X performing for rental income you can count on, year after year.

    Up to 36” (914.4 mm) digging depth for efficient installation of pipe and cable.

    Newly designed hydraulic system eliminates vertical shafts and belts, resulting in a simple, reliable unit with no linkages to adjust.

    Utilizes the Ditch Witch 35K digging system, specifically designed to work with Ditch Witch trenchers to optimize production.

  • Vibration Level
    Vibration Level
  • Ease of Use
    Ease of Use

    Hydrostatic, skid-steer style steering provides easier operation.

    Redesigned easy-touch controls are smoother and lighter for less operator fatigue and increased machine responsiveness.

    Increased visibility of the workstation improves operator productivity.

  • Dimensions
    Dimensions U.S. Metric Headshaft height 13.7 in 348 mm Length (up to) 94 in 2.4 m Width, transport 35.8 in 909 mm Height, transport (up to) 63 in 1.6 m Centerline trench to outside edge machine   Left 17.2 in 437 mm   Right 18.6 in 472 mm
  • Noise Level
    Noise Level U.S. Metric Ear sound pressure 91 dBA per ISO 6394 Overall sound pressure 100 dBA per ISO 6393