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    POWER U.S. METRIC Engine Briggs & Stratton 31 HP Vanguard Fuel Gasoline Cooling medium Air Number of cylinders 2 Displacement 54.7 in3 0.90 L Bore 3.37 in 85.5 mm Stroke 3.07 in 78 mm Manufacturer's gross power rating (SAE J1940) 31 hp 23.1 kW Fuel consumption @ rated power 2.44 gph 9.4 lph Rated engine speed 3600 rpm
    NOISE LEVEL Sound power 103 dBA Sound pressure at operator ear 92 dBA
  • Easy-to-Use

    The VP30 is equipped with hydrostatic, skid-steer-style steering for easy operation.

    Easy-touch controls help reduce operator fatigue and enhance machine responsiveness.

    The simple and reliable design includes a hydraulic system that eliminates vertical shafts and belts so operators don’t have linkages to adjust.

  • Durable, Reliable Design
    Durable, Reliable Design

    Leveraging the same reliable and proven pivot design as the Ditch Witch CX-Series walk-behind trenchers, the VP30 pivot is maintenance-free for increased uptime.

    With no daily grease zerks, a Ditch Witch exclusive, utility workers can keep their machine out of the shop and on the job, improving profitability.

    The simple, open design allows for easy service access and uses greaseless, sealed bearings to extend track assembly life.

    The construction-grade, compact design allows for better maneuverability on tight, residential jobsites.

  • Superior Support
    Superior Support

    Ditch Witch provides the most dedicated offerings to support the deployment of underground fiber installation, including vibratory plows.

    As with all Ditch Witch equipment, the VP30 is backed by a worldwide network of dealerships you can count on for unmatched commitment to your success. From genuine Ditch Witch parts to factory-trained service and expert advice, your Ditch Witch dealership is your trusted partner on the job.

  • Operation
    Operation U.S. METRIC Ground drive speed Forward 1.41 mph 2.27 km/h Reverse 1.43 mph 2.30 km/h Ground pressure* 4.1 psi 0.28 bar 7-in (180-mm) tracks Approach angle Plow blade dependent w/adjustable feed blade 35° Machine weight (fluids full) 1,993 lb 904 kg Backward, forward, right, left 25° w/out tilting or sliding Brakes: Tested at max. machine weight Stopping distance from full speed forward: Meet CMW brake design standards Parking brake: Hold on 30° slope
    HYDRAULIC SYSTEM U.S. METRIC Auxiliary circuit Double gear pump Flow rate (pump #1) 13.25 gpm 60.3 l/min Flow rate (pump #2) 3.74 gpm 17.0 l/min Pressure 3,000 psi 207 bar Ground drive Dual hydrostatic pumps Pressure 2,500 psi 172 bar
  • Powerful and Productive
    Powerful and Productive

    Powered by a 31-hp (23-kW) Briggs and Stratton® engine for maximum productivity, the compact VP30 is the most powerful unit in its size class.

    An industry-first variable flow control helps you precisely control the flow to the shaker box and adjust ground drive speed for varying ground conditions, improving overall productivity.

    Ideal for fiber drop work and installation of small irrigation pipes up to 1 inch (25.4 mm) in diameter, the VP30 has a 12-inch (304.8-mm) plow depth.

    The VP30 utilizes the same proven, high-drive system found on the CX-Series walk-behind trenchers. A high-drive track system includes bolt-on, interchangeable rollers—a Ditch Witch exclusive—for longer lasting performance.

    The machine has an extremely low ground pressure at 4.1 psi (0.28 bar) for minimal disruption to residential lawns.

    Standard outboard bearing support helps stabilize the unit’s shaker box for reliable and efficient performance on every job.

    FLUID CAPACITIES U.S. METRIC Hydraulic reservoir capacity 11.5 gal 43.5 L Engine oil, w/filter 2.3 qt 0.95 L Fuel tank capacity 6.2 gal 23.5 L
    BATTERY 12V Lead Acid 310 CA
  • Attachment and Blade Options
    Attachment and Blade Options

    An available RotoWitch® boring attachment results in fewer disturbances, less labor and less restoration than tearing up driveways and sidewalks to complete installation.

    The VP30 is equipped with two, new adjustable blades–the pull blade and feed blade–which can be adjusted between 6” (152.4 mm) and 12” (304.8 mm) to meet fiber installation-depth requirements in various areas.

    The machine’s standard blade options are designed by Ditch Witch to be heavy-duty and longer-lasting than other competitive blade options on the market.

    An optional reel carrier allows for easy cable and fiber installation.

    Ditch Witch also offers the S3C Trailer, a single-axle design with a new rail system for easy loading and unloading of equipment of up to 3,500 lb (1,588 kg). 

    DIMENSIONS U.S. METRIC Diameter of product reel, max 20 in 508 mm Plow depth, max 12 in 305 mm Ground clearance w/plow in stow, min 6 in 152 mm Machine height 48 in 1220 mm Plow blade height in stow 47 in 1195 mm Max height w/max reel diameter 59 in 1500 mm Length of machine, max w/plow blade 91 in 2311 mm Wheelbase 35 in 890 mm Machine width 35 in 890 mm Width of product reel, max 14 in 355 mm