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  • Undercarriage
    Zahn Tool Carrier

    Power unit's exclusive traction-assist feature provides extra drawbar on demand, enabling the operator to push more, pull more and traverse soft ground with minimal tire slippage.

  • Hydraulic System

    Hydraulic System

    Auxiliary: gear pump

    Flow rate
    12 gpm
    46 l/min

    3,000 psi
    207 bar

    Ground drive: hydrostat

    Flow rate
    19.3 gpm
    73 l/min

    3,500 psi
    241 bar

  • Tires/Pressure


    18 x 9.5-8, 2 ply, bar lug
    12 psi
    82.7 kPa

    The assembly mass
    22 lb
    1.9 L

    Urethane filled 18 x 9.5-8, 2 ply, bar lug
    29.1 L

    The assembly mass
    36 lb
    32.2 L

    Urethane filled 20 x 10-8, ply, bar lug

    The assembly mass
    49 lb
    22.23 kg

    18 x 8.5-8, 2 ply, turt
    22 psi
    151.7 kPa

    The assembly mass
    20 in
    9.07 kg

  • Productivity
    Zahn Tool Carrier

    The high-lift-arm tool carrier's 73-inch (1.85-m) hinge pin height provides the flexibility to perform an extensive range of tasks.

    4-bar linkage on bucket curl increases the high-lift-arm's rollback and dump angles so it can move materials more efficiently.

    The high-lift-arm's optional hydraulic self-leveling kit—an exclusive feature in this class—ensures that the attachment is level, so work can be more accurate and efficient.

    Kickstand provides quick and easy attachment to and removal from the power unit, increasing productivity.

    Standard mini skid steer-type attachment plate (optional with low-lift model) provides maximum versatility by enabling the tool carrier to accept more than 40 quick-change attachments.

  • Battery


    SAE reserve capacity rating
    32 min

    SAE cold crank rating @ 0°F (-18°C)
    200 amps

    Specifications are general and subject to change without notice. If exact measurements are required, equipment should be weighed and measured. Due to selected options, delivered equipment may not necessarily match that shown.

  • Superior Support
    Zahn Tool Carrier
    Superior Support

    Your Ditch Witch equipment is backed by a worldwide network of dealers you can count on for unmatched commitment to your success. From genuine Ditch Witch parts to factory-trained service to expert advice, your Ditch Witch dealer has it all for you.

  • Fluid Capacities

    Fluid Capacities

    Fuel tank
    9 gal
    34.06 L

    Engine oil, w/filter
    2 qt
    1.9 L

    Hydraulic reservoir
    7.7 gal
    29.1 L

    Total hydraulic system volume
    8.5 gal
    32.2 L

  • Power


    Kohler® CH750S


    Cooling medium

    Number of cylinders

    45.6 in3
    747 cm3

    3.3 in
    83 mm

    2.7 in
    69 mm

    Manufacturer's power rating
    30 hp
    22.4 kW

    Rated speed
    3,600 rpm

  • Operation


    Ground drive speed, forward/reverse

    3.5 mph
    5.6 km/h

    5 mph
    8 km/h

  • Power Train

    Power Train

    Parking brake
    Mechanical, hand operated

    Ground drive speed/direction control brakes machine hydraulically when moved to neutral position

  • Operator's Station
    Zahn Tool Carrier
    Operator's Station

    Standard cruise control, which locks in operating speeds, reduces operator fatigue and increases productivity.

    Soft-touch, color-coded, ergonomic controls are easy to grip, easy to learn and provide smooth, easy operation.

    Convenient cargo tray is large enough to store a water bottle, work gloves, cell phone, or assorted tools.

  • Dimensions



    Mobile length
    70 in
    1.78 m

    34.2 in
    869 mm

    Tractor back to rear axle
    26.8 in
    681 mm

    Rear axle to attachment mounting
    19.2 in
    488 mm

    Attachment mounting to front axle
    15 in
    381 mm

    Mobile height
    53.5 in
    1.36 m

    Ground clearance
    5.3 in
    135 mm

    Platform height
    10.7 in
    272 mm

    36 in
    914 mm

    Angle of departure

    1,290 lb
    585 kg

    Vehicle clearance circle (SAE) wall to wall

    Right turn, 18 x 9.5-8 tires
    11.3 ft
    3.44 m

    Left turn, 18 x 9.5-8 tires
    10.5 ft
    3.2 m

  • Power
    Zahn Tool Carrier

    11-gallon (41.6 L) fuel tank enables the operator to work all day without having to refuel; the tank's molded-in sight glass allows the operator to keep an eye on fuel consumption.