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Trench Digging and Bore Attachments

To complement the trencher attachment on your skid steer, Ditch Witch® has designed the unique Roto Witch® attachment to help you bore holes beneath roads and other solid structures. It’s a great choice for laying irrigation, power lines, and other underground piping.

The Roto Witch® is fully compatible with stand-on skid steer models SK600, SK800, SK900, SK1050, and SK1550, and works exceptionally well with Ditch Witch® equipment. With simple setup and operating procedures, you can focus on the task at hand rather than learning to work on a new piece of machinery. And switching from one attachment to the next can be done in a matter of minutes. Make your skid steer the most versatile tool at your disposal with this and a variety of other useful attachments.

Roto Witch® Components

The Roto Witch® attachment comes with a few unique parts to help ensure boring accuracy and efficiency. Able to produce powerful amounts of torque, you can bore through a variety of soil types with ease — all using your stand-on skid steer.

  • Attachment Plate - Easy to attach and assemble, the Roto Witch® is sure to increase uptime and productivity on the jobsite.
  • Rods - Increase your boring distance with easy-to-connect, latchable rods.
  • Drill Bit - This tough drill bit is essential to efficiently bore clean holes through earth, making pipe laying easier.
  • Drill String Guide - For increased accuracy when drilling, a second worker can help guide the drill bit and rods to create a straight and even hole.

Need additional help deciding? Ask one of our equipment experts for assistance in choosing the right attachment for both your site and your model of skid steer. We’re here to help source the parts you need.

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