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Your skid steer is one of the most versatile machines at your disposal. Increase that versatility with a variety of attachments from Ditch Witch®. Each item is rugged, built to last, and designed to work exceptionally well with Ditch Witch® equipment, so you can focus on the task at hand rather than machine maintenance.

Plus, each attachment is easy to operate with your skid steer’s convenient, functional levers, so you don’t have to waste time learning to operate a new piece of machinery. And by using the quick-connect attachment plate, switching out buckets, forks, and levelers can be done in a matter of minutes.

Skid Steer Leveler Uses

Part leveler and part lifting accessory, the carry-all leveler attachment provides you with the ability to grade and level loose soil, while also serving as an all-purpose pallet. Measuring 49” in width, this attachment is compatible with skid steer models SK600, SK800, SK900, SK1050 and SK1550. Don’t spend money on a new grader or leveler. Put your stand-on skid steer to work!

Leveling and Grading

With its durable grate, the carry-all leveler grabs small stones and loose dirt, evenly distributing them across a given surface with little effort. Use it to level dirt roads, distribute soil, create even work surfaces, and more.

Transporting Materials

Great for stacking materials too big to fit in a standard bucket, the carry-all leveler is designed to help you load, transport, and unload large materials. Use it to carry bags of soil and fertilizer, move large bits of stone and brick, or anything else not already loaded on a pallet.

Need additional help? Ask one of our equipment experts for assistance choosing the right attachment for both your site and your model of skid steer. We’re here to help source the parts you need.

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