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  • Power Plant

    Power Plant

    Deutz TCD3.6L4


    Cooling Medium


    Turbocharged, Charge Air Cooled

    Number of cylinders

    221 in3
    3.6 L

    3.86 in
    98 mm

    4.72 in
    120 mm

    Manufacturer’s gross power rating (SAE J1995)
    107 hp
    80 kW

    Estimated net power rating (SAE J1349)
    99.3 hp
    74 kW

    Rated speed
    2300 rpm
    2300 r/min

    Maximum engine tilt angles (Longitudinal)

    Maximum engine tilt angles (Lateral)

    Emissions compliance (highly regulated countries)
    EPA Tier 4 Final
    EU Stage IV

    Emissions compliance (less regulated countries)
    EPA Tier 4i
    EU Stage IIIb

  • Operator's Station
    Operator's Station

    Ergonomically designed rotating seat is the ultimate in comfort. The machine controls console rotates 120 degrees with the operator for easier, more comfortable operation.

    Cab design adds plenty of legroom for extreme comfort. Updated foot pedal design, easy-to-read gauges and controls, and a tilt steering column provide maximum productivity.

    5-inch color LCD engine display provides all engine information and diagnostics while rotating with the operator so it’s always there for you to easily view.


    Rubber isolators between the cab and frame reduce vibration and provides a comfortable ride for the operator.

  • Superior Support
    Superior Support

    Your Ditch Witch equipment is backed by a worldwide network of dealers you can count on for unmatched commitment to your success. From genuine Ditch Witch parts to factory-trained service to expert advice, your Ditch Witch dealer has it all for you.

  • Power

    107-hp (80-kW) turbocharged Tier 4 Deutz® diesel engine provides the power to perform all machine tasks on the toughest jobs.

    Powershift gives you on-the-go shifting and no clutching, with the ability to easily go from forward to reverse.

    The only trencher in its class with mechanically powered trencher, the most efficient way to transfer power, for long-term efficiency and productivity.

  • Power Train

    Power Train

    Ground drive transmission
    (driving) Powershift , (trenching) Powershift w/ (crowd ) Hydrostat

    planetary front and rear with rear steering

    Service brake
    DiscType, foot operated

    Parking brake
    Disc Type, SAHR

  • Rugged Design
    Rugged Design

    Solid backfill blade lift arms and cast blade pivot increase structural strength of the backfill components.

    Durable steel hydraulic tank and fuel tanks make more efficient use of available space and are enclosed in a steel cradle.

    Six-post Rollover Protective System (ROPS) includes a canopy; an enclosed cab with  climate-control system is optional.

    Removable side panels provide easy access to service areas; engine service points are conveniently located, and the oil level can be checked without opening the engine enclosure.

  • Operation


    Forward speeds (Crowd)
    0.6 mph
    0.96 k/h

    Forward speeds (Low)
    6.2 mph
    9.9 k/h

    Forward speeds (High)
    9.2 mph
    14.9 k/h

    Reverse speeds (Crowd)
    0.6 mph
    0.96 k/h

    Reverse speeds (Low)
    6.2 mph
    9.9 k/h

    Reverse speeds (High)
    14.9 k/h

    Vehicle clearance circle (SAE) wall to wall with backfill blade (Front steer only)
    35 ft
    10.7 m

    Vehicle clearance circle (SAE) wall to wall with backfill blade (Front and rear steer)
    21 ft
    6.4 m

    Ground clearance
    14 in
    356 mm

    Basic unit weight
    9700 lb
    4400 kg

    Maximum allowable tractor weight
    9979 kg

    Front counterweight
    1300 lb
    590 kg

    Side counterweight (each)
    250 lb
    114 kg

  • Battery (2 used)

    Battery (2 used)

    Group 65, SAE res. Cap 165 min., SAE cold crank @ 0° F (-18° C), 875 amp

    Auxiliary power outlet - 12 volt, 10 amp

  • Hydraulic System

    Hydraulic System

    Crowd Circuit drive/steer pump capacity @ 2300 rpm
    11.5 gpm
    43 L/min

    Ground drive pump relief pressure @ 2300 rpm
    3100 psi

    Auxiliary pump capacity @ 2300 rpm
    5.1 gpm
    19.3 L/min

    Auxiliary pump relief pressure @ 2300 rpm
    3000 psi
    206 bar

  • Noise Levels

    Noise Levels

    Operator 91 dBA sound pressure per ISO 6394

    Exterior 107 dBA sound power per ISO 6393.

    Unless otherwise specified, all figures are for standard equipment only.

    Specifications are called out according to SAE recommended procedures.

    Due to selected options, delivered equipment may not necessarily match that described.

    Specifications are general and subject to change without notice.

    If exact measurements are required, equipment should be weighed and measured.

  • Dimensions



    Angle of approach

    115 in
    2920 mm

    105 in.
    2667 mm

    Nose to rear mount length
    125 in
    3175 mm

    Length - transport
    154 in
    3910 mm

    79 in
    2005 mm

    82 in
    2085 mm

    64 in
    1625 mm

  • Fluid Capacities

    Fluid Capacities

    Fuel tank
    38 gal
    144 L

    Engine oil
    8.5 qt
    8 L

    Hydraulic reservoir
    25 gal
    95 L

    Hydraulic system
    30 gal
    114 L

    Cooling system
    4.25 gal.
    16.1 L

    DEF tank
    2.6 gal
    10 L

  • Productivity

    Planetary axles with locking differentials make maximum use of torque at the wheel and offer high ground clearance.

    The versatile RT105 accepts two types of trencher attachments—centerline and dual position—plus a front-mounted backhoe.

    Standard four-wheel drive helps provide superb traction and mobility in all kinds of jobsite conditions and applications.

  • Backfill Blade

    Backfill Blade


    Blade width
    80 in
    2030 mm

    Blade height
    17 in
    430 mm

    Lift height above ground
    26 in
    660 mm

    Blade drop below ground
    10 in
    254 mm

    Maximum swing angle (left/right)

    Tilt angle (up/down)

  • Vibrational Level

    Vibrational Level

    Average vibration transmitted to the operator’s hand during normal operation is 5.98 m/sec2.

    Average vibration transmitted to the operator’s whole body during normal operation does not exceed 0.64 m/sec2.

    Operator seat per ISO 6683 / SAE J386